B2U - Blender To Unity Prefab and Scene Exporter

by Cogumelo Softworks in Scripts and Addons

Working with Unity has never been easier! 

B2U is the In-House solution developed by Cogumelo Softworks for Exporting Prefabs and Scenes from Blender to Unity. For those that work with interactive ambient, archviz and games that need to export models from Blender to Unity this tool will make your daily work a lot easier!

What is B2U?

B2U is a general-purpose Blender to Unity exporter, that provide a faster, more powerful and easier workflow to export Blender data to Unity

Do I Need It?

If you work with Blender and Unity you know how hard it is to export a simple object using the normal pipeline and the build-in exporter. Most of your time is spent fixing rotation and many other transform problems while other features are not supported at all as Cycles node materials. If you want to master the use of Blender with Unity then B2U is for you.

What Features B2U Have?

B2U was designed as an In-House solution, so it has everything that a studio needs to export your scenes such as:

  • Prefab Export: Export Prefabs with correct transformations (Loc/Rot/Size), Cycles materials, textures, and configure Unity properties inside Blender.
  • Scene Export: Export full scenes with instances support. Multiple instances in Blender are instances of the same prefab at Unity. Enable the power of static batch in fully exported scenes.
  • Cycles Materials: Configure Unity materials inside Blender using Cycles node and viewport.
  • Texture Export: External or internal (packed) textures, we handle it all for you.
  • Automatic Folder Management: Select just one base folder and we handle all the folder management of the exported scene. Or you can set it manually to better suit your project management.
  • Export Groups as Prefabs: Blender groups can be exported as prefabs with support to parented object and more.
  • Cycles Lights: Export Cycles lights to Unity has never been easier in our scene importer.
  • Camera Export: Export cameras to Unity and make your perfect frame inside Blender.
  • More Coming! Much more features are coming, so tell us what you need to make B2U the best tool for you?

Why should I buy it?

We are a small studio from Brazil and we have already done some great things for Blender such as Graph Theme and BoolTool add-on. We want to support BF with Blender development as well, so we’re assigning part of all sales for the BF Development Fund. That’s our way of saying thanks to BF for all the good stuff that they have done. 

On top of it, B2U is the Best solution for exporting from Blender to Unity on the Market, so if you just want a tool to work with, B2U is what you need!

Release Log


- Automatically convert relative to absolute paths
- Added Inicial (Experimental) Support to BI node materials
- Better UI Tooltips and Warnings
- Many more handlers for exceptions when using BI materials, lights and others.
- Better package organization

- Pre material nodes and custom node interfaces
- New folder struct system
- New scene reconstruction system
- New UI polish and context menus
- Bug fix in many areas as group import, light, material and textures
- Added support to parented objects in group import
- Only export visible objects (visible layers and non hided objects)

The User Manual is provided in the packaged

Any doubts or suggestions please contact us inbox here in Blendermakert.

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