Audi Alloy Racing Wheels

by MagicCGIStudios in Models

A Pair of Audi Racing Alloy Wheels......Bridgestone Turanza Tyres.... They are Nearside and Offside Orientated (Left & Right), both look correct with the direction of tread. The Brake Caliper is grouped to its corresponding wheel but NOT attached to the rest of the wheel which makes animating easy...after all this part does not spin with the wheel!  

I have tried to keep the detail high and the poly count low  .........the tread and sidewall markings are bump mapped. Easy to use with your Car model........Just duplicate this pair of wheels and you have 4.......all with correct direction.

Modeled in Blender......textured in Substance Painter @ 2K

Cycles Render Engine must be used in Blender

Purchasing this Model also supports the Blender Development Fund :)