Audi Alloy Racing Wheels

by MagicCGIStudios in Models


(Limited Time Sale From $10.00 to $5.99!)

Does your Car Model need a fresh set of wheels?... save yourself the time and effort with this super detailed set of 4 brand spanking new ones!

3 Formats Included:




+ All Textures

Each of the above will show in their own folder once unzipped

7 Spoke design

4 Complete Wheel sets

Low Profile Bridgestone Turanza Tyres

Correct direction of tread 

Correct direction of tyre wall markings

The Calipers are separate objects, but they are grouped to their corresponding wheel (Highlight a wheel then SHIFT-G - select GROUP)

Modelled in Blender 2.79/2.80

Textured in Substance Painter 2

2K Textures used for all but the Tyres

Easily animate rotation of the wheels (But not the calipers of course!)

Tyres are Bump Mapped to give depth to the tread and for the tyre wall details

The Front Wheels are parented to an Empty (named Wheel_Direction_Control_Empty), by using this empty you can rotate both Front Wheels together to simulate them turning in the Z Axis.

This Empty is constrained in the Z Axis from -60 degrees to +60 degrees

You can move & scale the Wheels to suit your Vehicle and the Empty is not affected

Polycount Per Wheel including Brake Caliper:

F: 30,548

V: 30.729

T: 60,833

Approx Real World Scale (Metric):

X: 19.1cm

Y: 53.3cm

Z: 53.3cm

Scale applied 1.000

You can easily scale to suit your vehicle

Please see the Documentation provided

If you do decide to purchase these Models, thank you!, it helps me a lot and you will also be making a contribution to the amazing guys at the Blender Development Fund

Thank you for your support & interest