Asset Sketcher V1.2

by ndee in Scripts and Addons

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  • Lincoln Ward 3 months ago

    The single most useful addon I have ever installed. I can't begin to describe how much this speeds up my workflow.

  • LincLin 3 months ago

    very useful addon and I really think blender should take it official.I found that recent version of blender2.8beta the brush just gone,but when I hold ctrl the brush did shows up,which means I can erease sth but I can't paint anything

    • Andreas Esau 3 months ago

      thanks for the great rating. The issue is fixed and a new version is up on the Blendermarket. Feel free to test. If something breaks, feel free to create a support ticket!

  • Djingarey 6 months ago

    Thank you for creating this addon !
    It's really useful for me.

    I'm using it to build level and asset on my video game.
    Hope in the next update you will allow to paint randomly assets in the object list :D

    • Andreas Esau 6 months ago

      Hi Djingarey,
      thanks for the 5 stars! Really glad you like the addon.

      You can actually paint with random objects. Just select multiple objects and add at once to the asset list. This will create a group. From such group you can paint randomly or cyclic.

  • gasperalemao 6 months ago

    Thank you!! I didn't know that there was a 2.0 for 2.8. I was missing it.
    Your addon is in my essentials list.
    In my oppinion every person that work with complex scenes and games should buy it. Just beacuse makes your life muuuch easyer.
    Just a sugestion, I think that creating a blenderartists topic or discord channel would be really cool to keep everyone updated. Keep with the good work!

  • Morris 8 months ago

    Really awesome addon! Do you plan on updating to 2.8 anytime soon? Thanks!

    • Andreas Esau 8 months ago

      Hi Morris,
      thanks. Glad the addon helps you out.

      I actually ported the addon to 2.8 already. Checkout the 2.0 BETA download file. 2.0 is dedicated to Blender 2.8. May still work unstable here and there.

      In 2.8 the addon is located in the N-Panel.

  • Fixxelious 8 months ago

    A huge time saver creating scenes / environments.

  • Steve Masterson 12 months ago


    • Andreas Esau 11 months ago


  • Kirill over 1 year ago

    Super useful addon and very easy to use. Easy is a big thing for me. Never understood why 3d tools couldn't be same simple as a brush and palette.

    • Andreas Esau 11 months ago

      thanks for the great review Kirill. Glad the addon works good for you!

  • Paul Kotelevets over 1 year ago

    Gorgeous solution, thanks a lot!

  • pixelking almost 2 years ago

    Asset size is very large compared to original asset.

    • Andreas Esau 11 months ago

      Hi pixelking. A support message would have helped here. You can easily change change the asset scale with a slider.

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