Asset Production Mini-Course

by Blender Guru in Training

Discover how to create an asset, suitable for production animation 

This mini-course will teach the tools and techniques used to create a high-detailed production ready asset. 

You'll learn the modelling, sculpting, baking and texturing required to make this Anvil model. The same methods can be used to create a range of different models (scifi, characters etc.)

This mini-course is perfectly suited to beginners, as it explains now just how to use certain tools, but why you should use them.

Videos Included:

  1. Modelling Part 1 - Using loop cuts and proportional falloff to create a basic shape
  2. Modelling Part 2 - Using Booleans to create a cutout shape, and then clean up the resulting mesh
  3. Modelling Part 3 - How to create smooth and sharp edges
  4. Modelling Part 4 - Cleaning up the final mesh
  5. UV Unwrapping - A complete beginners introduction to UV Unwrapping!
  6. Sculpting Details - Using the sculpt tool to create scrapes and scratches on the edges
  7. Normal Map Baking - Baking the high res sculpting details onto the lower poly mesh
  8. Texturing Part 1 - Creating the basic rough material for the lower half of the mesh
  9. Texturing Part 2 - Using texture painting to create a polished top surface
  10. Texturing Part 3 - Painting scratches, scrapes and dents in the anvil

PLUS these exclusive bonuses:

  1. All textures and brushes usually sold separately on the high-quality texture site, Poliigon
  2. The final .blend model that you can learn from or reuse 

For just $10 you'll have a video series that you can learn from in your own time, while also supporting the Blender Guru youtube channel.