Architrave/Skirting & Edging Pack

by Imagine CG Images in Models

There are so many elements that have to come together to create an interior render, most of them are fiddly and time-consuming to make.

But they are essential to have or your scene just won't feel realistic - one of the main time consumers (and necessary elements!) is the rooms architrave/skirting's and edges.

So to save your time, here is a pack of 12 different architrave/skirting's each with matching edgings. 

Each architrave/skirting has a convex and a concave corner so you can go in any direction. Each edging has a 90 degree corner. Edgings can be used for picture frames, door frames, edgings/decoration for cupboards, units, cabinets, it's up to you, the skies the limit!

Important: this is not a modifier or an add-on!  These are modeled meshes that you can cut & lengthen, mirror and extrude to fit your scene.

What you will get in this pack:

  • .blend with models
  • 12 different skirting/architrave models
  • 12 matching edging models



  1. I have called the models skirting in the .blend but they can be used for either architraves or skirting's
  2. Skirting .11 has two versions - it is the same design but one has a concave feature, the other a convex feature - each comes with it's own edging of course.  These designs could be used together in the same interior for a snazzy look.
  3. The models have NOT been UV unwrapped or textured.
Dev Fund Contributor
Published over 2 years ago
Software Version 2.78, 2.79
Render Engine Used Cycles
License Royalty Free
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