Ancient Assets Pack

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An Asset Pack that the Gods of Ancient Times would surely approve of, they certainly liked stunning architecture and they`re worshipers were only to happy to construct some of the worlds greatest buildings ........back to the modern day, here is a bundle of various assets to add to your project that I have already built for you, some of those stones were mighty heavy! 

Each Object has a high level of detail, while keeping the Polycount as low as possible using the High to Low Poly baking method, giving a realistic aged look.

The Pack Contains 49 Objects as follows :

2 Arched Column Structures ( 2 styles of ageing )

1 Stone Wall With Arches

2 Boundary Columns ( 2 styles of ageing )

3 Bricked Walls ( 1 Straight, 2 Curved )

7 Railed/Spindled Stone Walls ( 2 Straight, 4 Curved, 1 Right Angled )

4 Various Styles of House

2 Obelisks ( 2 styles of ageing )

3 Large Ruined Style Stone Walls

2 Wells ( 2 styles of ageing )

1 Fountain

1 Large Main Temple Of Worship

1 Large Temple in Ruins

1 Small Temple Of Worship

14 Various Styles Of Column with Capitals ( 2 styles of ageing each )

5 Tree Types ( Images as Planes) ( See documentation regarding Eevee )

The HDRI is not included

The ground Planes are also not included

Please take a look at the You Tube Video if you wish to see more!

Example Renders using This Pack using Cycles with HDRI Lighting :

Some of the Models are also on Sketchfab, so if you wish to view in 360-degrees just paste the links into your browser:  -  Main_Temple_Large  - Greek House   - Greek Worship Temple (Small)   - Ruined Greek Temple   - Greek Well Ruins   - Greek Columns New   -  Greek Columns Old   -  Obelisks


If you do decide to purchase this pack you will also be contributing to the Blender Development Fund..... thank you.

If possible i would love to see what you create with this pack, please feel free to send me a link, message or image - it would be very much appreciated!

Thank you and have a great day!