Alexander'S Realistic Gpu Ocean Water Shader

by Alexander's Artwork in Materials, Shaders, Textures

This material is a production proofed water ocean shader. It has been used in the production of my Apollo Splashdown VFX shots and within the production of Toshiba Flash Air commercial campaign.


  • Simplified water setup group
  • Subsurface scattering with GPU in Cycles.
  • Fast rendering with GPU
  • You can change the visible depth of the water, without having a large fluid pod. ( Ocean looks deep because of the amount of water underneath)
  • Depth blur of objects inside the water
  • Caustics supported
  • Water color with color changes by depth.
  • Fake depth water illumination


Why you have to use this shader:

This shader doesn't use any materials or nodes that only work with CPU. Everything is GPU compatible, making it much faster. This shader gives you the look and feel of all needed effects, like subsurface scattering, inside real looking ocean water.

What makes this shader better than the Glass shader?

  • The Glass shader doesn't absorb light or mimic it.
  • The Glass shader doesn't blur the objects inside by the deph of the material.
  • The Glass shader has no color changes by depth like in real world. The light color changes in real ocean when the light move deeper into the ocean. This shader mimics this.

You mention it's a GPU shader, does it work on the CPU as well?

  • The glass shader will work with CPU, but I don't recommend to use it. This is because CPUs are more than 10 times slower than GPU's. That is the reason why I don't use any CPU based shaders in daily business.



Does the shader support volumetric absorption?

  • This shader has no light absorption in CPU ways. I mimic the absorption of light inside the shader. Light absorption is currently not implemented.



This Asset is only the material. With the water mesh from the renderings, but no simulation is included in the blend file.

The shader was successfully tested without errors in Blender 2.79

Happy Blending.  

Alexander Weide  

Sales 100+
Published almost 7 years ago
Software Version 2.7x
Render Engine Used Cycles
License Royalty Free
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