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What is AgedFX?

AgedFX is the ultimate solution for effortlessly adding realistic aging effects to single objects or entire scenes in Blender. It's a complete toolbox for all kinds of material manipulation effects and atmospheric details which can do the repetitive tasks for you.

The natural process

In the real world, nothing remains pristine forever. Objects age, gather dust or dirt, and getting imperfections over time, lending them authenticity and character.

Yet, replicating this natural process in 3D has traditionally been cumbersome and time-consuming, escpecially for complete scenes.

Expand materials dynamically

With AgedFX, aging your objects and scenes is no longer a daunting task. The powerful tool detects all materials in your scene and can dynamically apply fully procedural aging effects, allowing you to effortlessly infuse realism into your creations. It empowers you to achieve more lifelike results with just a few clicks.

Designed to seamlessly integrate into your workflow, the shading effects are working with every material that uses a Principled BSDF, ensuring compatibility and ease of use. Your original nodes remain untouched, just reconnected if necessary, and every effect can be easily adjusted or reversed at any time, giving you complete control over the aging process. In the Addon Panel, you can always see how many materials are currently affected.

Glass BSDFs can automatically converted to comparable Principled BSDFs which maintain the settings and connections if wanted.

Animate everything

You can animate every parameter and also have ability to make every object unique and then control all settings directly in the material.

Full control

Everything is dynamic. Dust can only appear on top and you can even control the viewing angle unconsistency to simulate how it´s seen in the real world.

You can have additional dirt on the edges and control the appearance. (Edge Dirt is only fully supported on Cycles for now due to some current limitations on Eevee.)

And make as many scratches and bumps on every object you want.

Dynamic Cobwebs

AgedFX isn't just about adding aging effects – it's about telling stories. Whether you're recreating a weathered antique or depicting the passage of time in a forgotten environment, it helps you breathe life and narrative depth into your scenes. So beside all the shading effects you can also create fully dynamic and customable cobwebs by just drawing lines that are then automatically connecting to your objects.

Dynamic Fog

You can also add anytime a simple fog that adjusts to your scene and that you can control directly in the addon panel. With version 1.2, the fog section has been expanded with more functions and customization options. It is now also possible to have animated ground fog that dynamically adjusts to the domain size.

Add Moss to everything

Want to make it mossy? The new update also comes with a fully customizable moss generator, allowing you to add moss to any object you want with just one click. You can even change the age of the moss or simulate wind effects.

Animated dust particles

And create animated dust particles for all kind of situations with just a few clicks.

No more repetitive tasks. Let the grunt work be done for you while still maintaining full control over everything.

You make the difference!

By purchasing this product, you also support the YouTube channel where I create useful videos and tutorials related to Blender. If the tool could help you improve your workflow, then I would greatly appreciate it if you could leave a good review!

Please Note

It works only with Blender 4.0 or newer due to the new Principled BSDF which is needed for the plugin to work correctly. Also make sure that it has access to the materials. If you have linked assets, they must first be made local so that the materials can be manipulated.

The procedural material manipulation effects can impact your Blender viewport and render performance. This also applies to other possible atmospheric details, like fog, cobwebs, or dust particles. Too many cobwebs can have a heavy impact on the overall polycount.

The plugin has been carefully tested to ensure that the shading effects work correctly and that all nodes and connections are automatically set correctly, provided the initial setup is correct. However, especially when manipulating complex scenes with many objects, please make sure that everything works properly before saving/overwriting the file.

Release Log

Version 1.0 - 17. March 2024

- Addon Release

Version 1.1 - 27. March 2024

- Blender 4.1 Support

Version 1.2 - 03. April 2024

- Improved fog area with more functions and additional ground fog

A new and fully customizable moss generator

Version 1.2.1 - 04. April 2024

An additional toggle to control whether the object scale should be applied before appending the Moss Generator

Version 1.2.2 - 05. April 2024

- Bug fix for the Moss Generator regarding a UV map problem with some objects

- A new color field in the dust area to control the dust color

- Two new color fields in the dirt area to control the dirt color

The plugin is now a regular .zip for installation instead of a .py file

Version 1.2.3 - 18. Juli 2024

- Blender 4.2 Support

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Customer Ratings 8
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Published 4 months ago
Blender Version 4.2, 4.1, 4.0
Extension Type Add-on
License GPL
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