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2nd Place Winner in CG Cookie's 2014 Blender Add-on Contest!

AE2Blend v1.3

AE2Blend is an add-on that lets users quickly copy and paste keyframe data from After Effects directly into Blender.

Any transform value whether animated or static can be applied to an existing Blender object. New empty, plane and camera objects can also be created with AE2Blend, with all data instantly applied.

This also enables a powerful new matchmoving workflow with After Effect’s camera tracker, letting users bring camera data right in to Blender. This also allows real world scale to After Effects arbitrary camera space.


  • Simply copy and click! In After Effects select the desired transform data and copy it to the clipboard. Then in Blender select whether to paste the data or create a new object. AE2Blend will automatically parse through the keyframe data, conforming it to Blender’s 3D space.
  • Supports both static and animated Position, Scale, Rotation and Orientation data.
  • Scale tools gives users control over how the data is translated, and can automatically calculate real world scale based on known points.
  • Set keyframe data and origin points as a one-to-one match with After Effects, or use the playhead and 3D cursor for quick placement.

Video tutorial coming soon!

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Blender Version 2.7x, 2.77, 2.78, 2.79, 2.8
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