Blender 2.79- Character creation for unity for beginners

by Yojigraphics in Training

Here is a complete training dedicated to the creation of a character in Blender for the Unity game engine. We will use Blender 2.79, free 3D software and opensource; and Unity, a multiplatform game engine. During this training, you will learn all the steps to create a character and an asset in Blender so you can use them in Unity.

  • Discover a complete workflow to create a character ready to be imported for Unity.

  • Apprehend the interface and keyboard shortcuts for better efficiency.

  • Learn polygon modeling, layout and animation basics.

  • Discover the tools of texturing and rigging.

The training "Blender 2.79- Character creation for unity " is intended for all the future users wishing to be familiar with this software or the professional wishing to update his knowledge. From freelance graphic designers to companies wishing to evolve towards free tools, Blender and Unity will be indispensable assets for your graphics productions and video games.

All source files are included and available in the zip folders. 11.5 Hours of video tutorials.


Chapter 1 Character modeling

1.1-Insert references images            

1.2-Modeling the torso        

1.3-Modeling the arms        

1.4-Modeling the legs        

1.5-Modeling the head

1.6-Add details

Chapter 2 UV Mapping

2.1-Unwrap the mesh

2.2-UV map edition


Chapter 3 Baking color map

3.1-Lighting system creation with Easy HDRI

3.2-Shaders creation part 1 the armor

3.3-Shaders creation part 2 the clothes

3.4-Shaders creation part 3 the skin

3.5-Shaders creation part 4 the shoes

3.6-Color map Baking

Chapter 4 Add details in texture paint mode

4.1-Prepare the interface and the model

4.2-Add details on the arms

4.3-Add logos and tattoos

4.4-Add details on shoes

Chapter 5 Other maps creation

5.1-Normal map creation

5.2-Metallic map creation

5.3-Specular map creation

5.4-Roughness map creation

Chapter 6 Rigging

6.1-Armature creation

6.2-Parenting the armature and deformation tests

6.3-Constraint creations

6.4-Renaming the bones and armature customization

Chapter 7 Asset Creation : the gun

7.1-Insert reference image

7.2-Modeling the low poly

7.3-Add details on the high poly - the screws

7.4-Add details on the high poly – Bool tool

7.5-Add details on the high poly – Bevel the edges

7.6-Gun Shaders creation

7.7-Unwrap the lowpoly model

7.8-Baking the textures

7.8-Parenting the gun to the character

Chapter 8 Animation

8.1-Walk cycle creation

8.2-Run cycle creation

8.3-Jump creation

8.4-Idle animation creation

8.5-Shooting animation creation

8.6-Low walk cycle creation

8.7-Left and right walk cycle creation

8.8-Back walk cycle creation

8.9-Adapting cycles with target

8.10- Static poses creation

Chapter 9 export

9.1-Export grouped objects in fbx

9.2-Export separated objects in fbx

Chapter 10 Import in Unity

10.1-Import our character into Unity

10.2-Shader creation

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