Ultimate Trees Collection

by Deezl in Models

The Complete Trees Library

  • 60 Different trees
  • 19 Different Species
  • Complete PBR Materials Library
  • 256 Textures
  • 1X HDRI 4K
  • Optimized for Cycles and Eevee
  • Neatly Organized in Trees Species
  • Ready-To-Render Packed Blend file

Trees List

3X Acacias
3X Bamboo
3X Bananas
3X Beeches
3X Birch
3X Cactus
3X Coconut Palms
3X Curly Palms
3X Dat Palms
3X Dead Trees
3X Elms
3X Fir
1X Flowers Bulk
3X Joshua Trees
3X Junipers
3X Maples
3X Maples
3X Oaks
3X Spruces
3X Willows

This collection includes:

1X Blend 2.81 / 2.82 file

1X Zip folder with individual FXB Objects

1X Obj file with Trees Collection

1X Zip folder with textures for PBR Materials

PBR Materials | 256 Textures

Neatly Organized