Smudgr & Scratchr Bundle - Photorealism Made Easy

by Oliver J Post in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Voting for version 2 has closed. Stay tuned for the release date.

The SMUDGR and SCRATCHR bundle allows you to preview and adjust surface imperfections and scratch maps at lightning speed. And on top of that, it comes bundled with 40 ready to use smudge and scratch textures!

Why do I need surface imperfections?

Nothing in the real world is perfectly clean, flat or scratchless. If you try to achieve photorealism - you have perfected your models, lighting and textures, but everything is perfectly clean. something seems off. This is where surface imperfections come in. They change the reflection of the material, which means their visibility is linked to the angle you are looking at it. This works the same way dust, smudges, fingerprints etc. appear in the real world. 

Main features:

  • Seamlessly switch between smudge and scratch textures and change their resolution on the fly.
  • Automatically connects the SMUDGR node group to Principled BSDF and Glass shaders. It also finds any textures already connected or colors already set by you and connects those to the SMUDGR node as well. In the case of more complicated shaders, SMUDGR will ask you to connect the nodes yourself, to prevent it from misinterpreting your materials.
  • Easy and fast intensity and scale, rotation, location controls. SMUDGR uses two intensity sliders, providing different ways of making the smudge less intense.  A third slider allows you to have more dust/smudges etc. on top of an object by decreasing the intensity on all faces not facing upwards. SCRATCHR allows you to change scratch depth (normal map) and roughness separately. Both give you full scale, rotation and location controls to get the look just right.
  • Base Color Mixing. One button click adds color to your smudges and scratches while retaining the original diffuse color of the material behind it. The falloff slider in SMUDGR allows you to change the way this color fades towards the edges of the smudges.
  • Multi slot smudging and scratching. The addon has a seperate button to make another slot active, so complex objects can be smudged differently for different materials. The active SMUDGR layer gets an S symbol in front of it.

See the documentation tab and the YouTube tutorial series for usage information

Update log:

Update 1 (May 14 2020): Fixed a bug causing an error on MacOS and Linux. Added a separate .py file for MacOS and Linux users, the changes from this file will be merged with the main file in the next update.