Blender 2.79 3D Printing

by Yojigraphics in Training

Here is a complete training dedicated to 3D printing in Blender 2.7. Blender is a free 3D software and opensource. During this training, you will learn all the steps to create figurine ready for printing from scratch and discover the specific tools for 3d printing inside Blender.

  • In the first chapter, we will create a figurine from scratch. This figurine will be the basis for discovering tools dedicated to 3D printing inside Blender. This chapter covers modeling, rigging, texturing techniques that you can also use for other workflows (video game, illustration).
  • In the second chapter, we will discover specific tools of Blender to prepare our figurine for 3d printing. You will learn how to clean bad geometries, but also to detect too thin parts or to hollow your object to gain printing cost.
  • In the third chapter, we will see several school cases that you will often encounter with 3d printing. You will discover how to cut an object, how to prepare a 3D scan for printing, model a technical part from a plan or a ring for metal printing.
  • The fourth and fifth chapters will be dedicated to exporting created models and uploading our files to different production websites.
     All the pack files are exclusive and included for free in the training and will give you the opportunity to practice the modeling and specific operations that 3D printing requires.

The 3D printing with Blender is intended for all future users wishing to familiarize themselves with the software or the professional wishing to update its knowledge. From the freelance graphic designer to the illustrator wanting to evolve towards free software, Blender will be an indispensable asset for your creations.

All source files are included into zip folders.  This training is 11 hours long.


Chapter 1 Modeling The figurine

1.1-Adding reference image

1.2-modeling  the head part 1

1.3-modeling  the head part 2

1.4-modeling  the torso

1.5-modeling  the legs

1.6-modeling  the arms

1.7-modeling  accessories

1.8-Uv mapping


1.10-Texture paint the character

1.11-Texture paint the accessories

1.12-Creation of armature and rigging

1.13-Posing the character

1.14-Baking Textures

Chapter 2 Preparing Mesh for 3D Printing

2.1-Activating specific tools and settings units

2.2-Errors to Avoid for 3D Printing 

2.3-Detection and suppression of non-manifold geometries

2.4-Detection and removal of separate geometries

2.5-Thickness management

2.6-Overhangs detection and supports creation

2.7-Sharp edges and distorted faces detection

2.8-hollow a model to gain printing cost

Chapter 3 School cases and exercices

3.1-3D Scan cleaning and texturing

3.2-Modeling a technical part from a blueprint

3.3-Modeling a ring for metal production

3.4-Cutting an object for assembly

Chapter 4 Export mesh for 3d printing

4.1-Export for monochrome printing

4.2-Export for color printing

Chapter 5 Upload files to order online

5.1-Upload 3d models on Sculpteo

5.2-Upload 3d models on Shapeways

5.3-Upload 3d models on I-materialize

5.4-Upload 3d models on 3d hub


Do i need to download addons?

No , Addons that are used in this training are already implemented in Blender.

Do i need extra softwares?

Except Blender nothing is required. :-)

What level i should have to complete this training?

This training is for intermediate levels. Know the basics of Blender is preferable. Don't hesitate to take this course before if you don't know anything about Blender.

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