Flower Pack - 42 Photorealistic Variations Of 5 Flower Species

by Oliver J Post in Models

Decorate your gardens with these 42 models from 5 flower species, ranging from kinda small to not small but really not that large either..... (translation: from about 10 cm(4in) to 50cm(20in))

Plants for the people!

For my ArchViz and nature scenes, I am always on the hunt for flowers, plants and bushes. Luckily, there are some good ones for Blender you can find, but it's not enough to satisfy my hunger! There are also packs for 3Ds Max, but these often start at 100 dollars for about 60 variations! That's why I made some flowers for you, to be honest mostly for myself actually. Now you can satisfy your hunger for plants, 42 variations for just 9 bucks! 

What's included:

Some fancy viewport colors

OCD-friendly shaders