by DarkNightShot in Models

Project AK-47 is made in Blender 2.90, then textured and rendered in Cycles render.

Textures are baked, has baked normal map and AO.

Project is tested in Unity Game Engine with baked textures and fits perfectly.

Resolution of all baked textures is 2048x2048.

Project is UV-Unwrapped and UV-Mapped.

Project in AK-47Unity file format does not including any cameras or lightings and it is Game Ready.

I added other blend. file formats too for your own editing in 3D software.

File formats:


Textures are downloaded from CC0 Textures website which are public domain and added into a ZIP file.


Verts: 34,618

Faces: 29,948

Project has applied Rotation, scale and Normals are flipped outside.

Project is set to Origins to Geometry style.

Thank you and don't forget to visit my gallery for more models.