3d Animation / The Fundamentals / Step By Step

by (particular) in Training

Do you want to learn to properly animate the fundamental exercises of 3D animation?

HI, would you like to star animating, but you don't know how to start?

in this course you will learn how to animate a bouncing ball, a pendulum and a simple character (a ball with a tail) step by step, explaining to you in every movement why i'm doing every single thing so you can follow easily everything that's happening. 

You will learn how to fix the issues that you can encounter

The concepts you'll learn here, not only will make you capable of creating this animations, but also they will serve as a fantastic foundation for you career as an 3D animator, as this concepts will apply on pretty much all animations.

You will see how do I work, how I go about the mistakes that may occur and how do I modify my animation when I what to polish it or make changes at any point.

You'll learn to apply the principles of anticipation, squash and stretch,  overlap, silhouette, arcs, how to create credible settles, and how to animate with the graph editor.

in other words:


Please note that if you are new to blender I recommend you that first you check out the Blender's guide for 3D animators: https://blendermarket.com/products/the-blenders-3d-animators-guide 

And if it wasn't enough, once you buy the course you'll have access to the private facebook group where other animators are learning too!