How to Submit Amazing Products

You’ve put a ton of time into creating your product, considering what you do in the next few steps could account for the success or failure of your product. 

  1. Invest in presentation and brand.
    Your products images are the first thing potential customers see. Take your time establishing your product brand and presentation to make a great first impression.  

    Keep your preview images consistent, clean and attractive. You’re encouraged to add branding to your images, though keep text to a minimum. Make sure your images are at least 1200x600 or in a 2:1 aspect ratio. Upload at a minimum 5 images.

  2. Answer the why your customers need your product.
    A powerful product description can turn a browser into a customer, or put people off your product entirely. Take this opportunity to have your product shine and answer questions your customers may have.

    A good rule of thumb is to answer these questions on your description: What is your product, who is it for and what problems does it solve.

    Make sure your product descriptions are easy to read, with good grammar and spelling. Try using a story to inform the customer of why you created the product, and what pain points your product is solving.  

    Endorsements from well-known artist are always great and make sure to always write for your ideal customer.

  3. Write Simple yet thorough Documentation
    After spending so much time on your product, brand, and marketing, don’t forget the documentation. Well written documentation helps mitigate support and customer frustration while using your product. Don’t assume is the key here.

    It is OK to get nitty-gritty here. This is the how-to manual of how to use your product, covering edge cases and

    Don’t be afraid to update your documentation with frequently asked questions after you publish your product. Treat it as a living document.