Zen Uv V4.4.1

by Sergey Tyapkin in Addons

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Professional add-on for creating UVs in Blender

    Main Features

    • Zen UV Transform tool. Move, Rotate, Scale, Fit, Align and Flip Islands in 3D View and UV Editor using Zen UV Gizmo.
    • Stack System.  Stack and Unstack UV Islands automatically and manually. Extremely useful for increasing Texel Density and baking.
    • Relax Operator. This is a new unwrapping method that is well suited for working with organic models.
    • Trimsheet system. Create Trimsheets and Move, Rotate, Scale, Fit, Align and Flip Islands inside Trims.
    • World Orient operator that rotates UV Islands the way they are oriented in the model.
    • Checker Map System is a node-based system that contains Checker Textures designed specifically for Zen UV.
      Square and rectangular formats. Check UV's state on the model without ruining existing materials!
    • Copy/Paste Operators. Copy/Paste parameters (Structure,TD, Position, Size) between Islands/Faces/Maps.
    • Quadrify Islands Operator to straighten rectangular-shaped UV Islands.
    • Full set of Transform operators. Move, Rotate, Scale, Flip, Fit, Orient, Sort and Align Islands and Elements (vertices, edges, polygons).
    • Display Flipped operator to display Flipped Islands in UV Editor.
    • Finished System. It helps to control and manage the state of unwrapping UV Islands (Finished/Unfinished) by tags and visually.
    • Different Pack Engines. Yes, you can use UVPackmaster 2, 3 and UV-Packer with Zen UV.
    • Zen Unwrap Operator to mark selected edges/faces as Seams and/or Sharp edges and Unwrap by Marked edges after.
    • Unwrap Constraint operator to unwrap Islands along a certain axis.
    • Match and Stitch operator to match Islands position, rotation, scale and stitch vertices if it’s possible.
    • Marking System that helps you to mark Seams and/or Sharp automatically by angle, by existing UV Borders/Sharp Edges, and manually.
    • Seam Groups. Work with more than one Seam set!
    • Texel Density. Get, Set, and Check Texel Density of UV Islands.
    • Sticky UV Editor for quick access to UV Editor.
    • Advanced UV Maps. Duplicate, remove, clean, and rename UV Maps of the selected objects in sync.
    • Hard Ops add-on integration. It allows displaying UV manipulations in 3D View!
    • Smooth by Sharp (Toggle). Set hard/soft edges for perfect normal map bakes in one click!
    • Quick Support on the Discord channel. 

                                                Important Information

                                                to use all the power and capabilities of Stack tools, install Zen UV Core Library (free).

                                                Upgrade instruction Zen UV 3 to Zen UV 4 and FAQ 

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                                                What's new in Zen UV (v4.4)

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                                                Previous Updates

                                                Documentation: https://zenmastersteam.github.io/Zen-UV/
                                                Support: https://discordapp.com/invite/wGpFeME

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                                                Blender Version 4.2, 4.1, 4.0, 3.6, 3.5, 3.4, 3.3
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