Wrecked Car

by Quinten Pillen in Models

A perfectly ruined car to add to your post-apocalyptic world render.

This rusty piece of scrap metal is ready to be used in your project, whether its an animation or game project. 

The car had PBR textures: Diffuse, AO, Specular, Roughness (specular alpha) and Normal textures. The model consists of four parts, each their own set of textures. Diffuse and Normal textures are 2k, AO, specular, roughness are 1k.

Simply control the color of the car by tweaking the hue/saturation node in the "Body" material.

The model has clean topology and UV-Islands. It is subdivision ready. No modifiers used.

Additional info:

-faces: 52,871, Verts: 52,748

-The four parts are parented to an empty object

-Simple lighting scene included

-Materials set up using the principled shader

-originally made in cycles.

All textures are packed into the blend file. Layer 1 includes the basic lighting setup, layer 2 includes the model and its 4 parts.

Each part has its own material, you can control the color of the car by adjusting the hue/saturation node in the "body_frame" material.

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