Woodland photoscan/photogrammetry objects

by JF Photoscans in Models

Detailed photoscans

I've compiled into this collection 25 photoscans of woodland objects, included are: 9 tree stumps, 8 sticks, 5 logs, 1 pinecone and 2 dead trees, all with diffuse textures. Due to the nature of photoscanning there's plenty of detail captured in the texture and the model, it's very true to life and can be added into your renders however you wish in keeping with a realistic look.


  • High resolution textures for each object as well as detailed meshes
  • Proxy meshes for preview rendering attached to each object
  • Real world scale
  • Ready to use objects; mask modifiers on some objects and decimation modifiers, materials and diffuse textures for each object
There's lighting baked in but an effort has been made to reduce this through texture editing including a de-lighting process, I have included some partial unlit views to somewhat show this. Read the documentation for more details.

    • All assets have been scaled to their rough real world metric size
    • There are artefacts on textures from the photoscanning process which can be seen close up
    • Viewing multiple assets in the blend files at once in texture mode is quite intensive and may slow down your computer, this especially applies to the tree stumps
    • Most objects have a mask modifier attached, by default this is for placing the objects on flat surfaces but this can be turned off for custom situations to get a bit more geometry showing where needed. You will also find decimation modifiers on non proxy objects
    • Textures are all 8192 dimensions with the exception of the sticks/pinecone which are 2048 dimensions and the proxy meshes which have 512 dimension textures.
    • Even though the textures do come in large sizes, due to the original scans inefficient UV maps they should not be considered quite as high resolution as they are
    • All textures are albedo/diffuse maps only, an effort has been made to reduce the baked in shadows/highlights from the photoscanning process but they do remain noticeable to a degree on most assets. This is why lit and unlit pictures are included as a preview of this
    • All objects including proxies have their own materials

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  • Ce31aee73941805c394789689163118d

    originalnewbee 3 months ago

    It would appear that the creator does not understand the ideas behind asset purchase.
    The model is so unmanageable that the purchase defies any sound purpose. Even when extracting only the one item in a new project and carefully attempting to reduce the extreme face-count my rather decent computer (64G,8core,2GTX1080-TI) simply halts for minutes at the time. I was willing to pay to not have to create such an object. This is useless as a asset for creative work. Pull it off the market or put a warning sign!

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