Wolf is the rigged character

by blenderules in Models

  • Firstly, it was planeted the 3d-model will fall into the game Dota 2
  • Fully rigged with the Blender Tools
  • The 3d-model is in high poly version and has baked normal, AO maps
  • It has so maps: color, normal, AO
  • Clean Topology and UV Unwrapped for easy reshading.
  • The ground version has so cycle animations: spawn, idle, idle rare, run, die.
  • The flying version with a wings has own cycle animations like the ground version

You can use this character to test your animations, which you will do yourself. Or to test your game.
And maybe you'll come up with a story for your cartoon, because this is a battle wolf with a small history :) You can learn, rig and set of bones, as well as get acquainted with the subtleties of creating wings animation.
Having studied the uv-unwrap and texture - colors, you can get no small experience!

Ask questions, I will answer with joy! :)

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