Wear N' Tear

by Sahin Ersoz in Addons

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Erode your models by adding Wear N' Tear to create that used, worn out feel.

Activate the add-on by pressing "F9".
Select Wear N' Tear HP (Realistic) or Wear N' Tear LP for a stylized look.
Erode your model(s) individually one at a time or multiple objects simultaneously (multi select).
Process entire walls at once. No need to separate the bricks, stones or any part at all. Fast real time response.
Restore your model in whole or partially (loose part) to its original state as many times as needed. Forever. No need to work "non destructively".
Add mortar between Stones or bricks (Pro).
Cover your model(s) with plaster (Pro). Or, create landscapes with it (See below: The Plaster Planet).
Cut cracks, cut parts off, add scratches, rip, tear, shred. Heck, build the model first with Sketch N' Carve CORE which is a full function modeler (Damage Control).
Simulate parts to create a realistic debris using Sketch N' Simulate_SE (Full Damage Control)

Let'er rip!


Full version includes: Wear N' Tear, Mortar, Plaster, Sketch n' Carve CORE, Sketch N' Simulate SE

WNTear Version: 1.0.2r1
SNCarve Version: 4.1.0c
SNSimulate_SE Version: 1.1.0l

*If you'd like to upgrade to full Sketch N' Carve use the coupon code "wntsnc" for $10 off

Wear N' Tear Video Tutorial (YouTube)

Herod's Temple Mount (YouTube): A professional production that uses Wear N' Tear on every object in the video. Courtesy of Jeremy Park for the Bible Scenes.

Wear N' Tear LP: Edge damage for a stylized look.

Wear N' Tear HP: Choose between many textures.

Wear N' Tear HP: Cavities

Wear N' Tear LP

Wear N' Tear HP + GP From Mesh (not included)

Wear N' Tear LP: Process multiple parts in a single object as if they were separate objects.

Wear N' Tear LP: Achieve many different looks by adjusting the sliders (or not. Defaults are pretty good too)

Wear N' Tear PRO + Mortar + Plaster (Plaster will detect mortar automatically if present)

Wear N' Tear PRO + Mortar + Plaster

Wear N' Tear PRO + Mortar + Plaster

Wear N' Tear PRO + Plaster: Plaster Planet

Restore your model in whole or partially (loose part) to its original state as many times as needed.

Wear N' Tear HP: Texture Transform: Translate, rotate and scale

Wear N' Tear (Damage Control, Full DC) Cut cracks, cut parts off, add scratches or model the whole thing first using Sketch N' Carve CORE

Sketch N' Carve CORE
(Modeling, cracks) + Wear N' Tear HP + Sketch N' Simulate SE

Wear N' Tear PRO + Mortar

Wear N' Tear LP

Wear N' Tear LP

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