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  • tarlow
    3 months ago

    Pros - Easy to work with, and accurately imports the materials (emission, metal and glass) from a vox file, does clean the geometry to an extent.

    Cons - Imports hundreds of materials that may not be in use, brings in excess layers of collections in outliner (this is how it is organized within Magicavoxel, but is frustrating to navigate in Blender) and no immediate solution to bake textures or further optimize geometry (On the exterior of the model there is still a vertex in Blender at each point there would be a vertex per voxel point).

    In summary - there are Free addons that do effectively the same thing ( and can optimize your geometry (remove redundant faces) and bake your voxel colors to a texture map (

    Its hard to recommend this addon at this price when other free addons can do the same functionality.

    • Robert Wesseling

      3 months ago

      I see where you are coming from. But keep in mind that the Vox Importer is an importer, like some other importers in Blender. That is the intention: to import a vox file. Now, what I can do is write an additional addon that could do: - Delete unused material slots - Remove the layers, put the object at world origin (if possible) - Copy the object, and apply a decimate modifier on the copy - Bake material from original to copy. But this everything has nothing to do with importing a .vox file, more an additional/experimental feature. (we actually mess up with the imported object). And I don't know if Iyad agrees with this idea, because he wrote the whole algorithm, and reverse engineered the vox format because it was not fully documented. I explained this all on Discord and honestly I am not happy with the review.
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