Vertex Oven

by Forest Katsch in Scripts and Addons

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  • thomas newlands 9 months ago

    Perfect for my use case! I was bummed out to find that baking AO to vertex color was removed from 2.8 but this beautifully covers the issue. Much easier than going into Meshlab for baking to vertex colors.

  • shamsfk 11 months ago

    Super useful tool!
    It can give somewhat inconsistent results until you understand that no modifiers can be active before the bake.
    Of course, there is room for improvement f.e.
    - more precise and intuitive controls would be awesome, like some curve of how values spread, current power slider is a bit lacking in intuitiveness and fines.
    - it would be great to have is some controlled mesh-wide blurring, maybe even as a separate operator to fine-tune results.

    • Forest Katsch 11 months ago


      Thanks for the review! I've added a note about disabling modifiers before baking to the documentation here on Blender Market, and I am planning on solving this in the future without incurring a performance penalty.

      Regarding the controls, would inverting the "Power" slider and renaming it as "Strength" help? (You can contact me from the link in my shop page.)

      I do have plans for a post-process pass that would selectively smooth the AO data. For the moment, it's possible (but very awkward) to bake AO to vertex groups, smooth the vertex group data, then copy vertex groups to vertex colors.

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