Vehicle Tire Generator

by 3DQuads in Modifier Setups

This Geometry nodes group works on blender 4.1 to generate a vehicle tire (single, two, or four) with the features below:

  • Two tire patterns are provided but you can design your own and apply it easily
  • Pattern Scale Controls that are used to make sure your custom pattern fits correctly (based on its dimensions) - please refer to Custom Pattern Guidelines for perfect results.
  • Tire size and width controls
  • Procedural RIM (Currently one type with controls for wide set of variations)
  • Custom RIM of your choice will fit inside (Please refer to Custom RIM Guidelines).
  • Tire profile controls to help you get the shape of the tire as low profile or High Profile.
  • Procedural RIM - Controllable center bore size, lug holes radius, resolution, and position,
  • Procedural RIM - Controllable nuts count, scale, and position + limitless Rotation Randomness seeds
  • Procedural RIM - Controllable Disk scale and position
  • Procedural RIM - RIM Lip Thickness and Resolution controls
  • Procedural RIM - Controllable Spokes count
  • Procedural RIM - Controllable Spokes Resolution
  • Procedural RIM - Configurable spokes bending (in two directions)
  • Procedural RIM - Controllable RIM Color

Custom Pattern Guidelines

  • Make sure to design a single seamless (Tileable) piece of the pattern
  • Make sure you maintain the expected aspect ratio between x and z dimensions
  • Make sure that your design origin is the world origin (this should be the bottom left corner of the design)
  • Place your pattern design on the positive X -Positive Z (Standing on the world ground not laying on it)
  • It should look like the following image from the front view

Custom RIM Guidelines

  • Make sure that your RIM is a single object.
  • Make sure to apply location, scale, and rotation of your custom RIM model
  • **Make sure that your RIM origin is at the center of the RIM (on all axis x, y, and z)
  • **Make sure your RIM is placed at the world origin.
  • It should be positioned as the following:

Dev Fund Contributor
Published 14 days ago
Blender Version 4.2, 4.1
License Creative Commons
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