Vegetable Collection

by Quinten Pillen in Models

Collection of high quality Vegetables!

Game-Ready! Perfect for Close-up renders and realtime projects.

This Collection includes:
-Bell Pepper
-Onion (half cut and full)
-String Beans

The models are PBR and contain these Texture maps:
-Glossiness (specular Alpha channel)
-Ambient Occlusion

All diffuse and Normal textures in 2k, other maps in 1k or higher

The models have clean topology and UV islands. No cleaning up necessary, just drop your model into the scene and start rendering.

Formats included:

All textures are packed into the blend file.

First layer: 3-point lighting setup

Last layer: All vegetables layed out

All layers in between have each their own vegetable

No addons are required to use this product. 

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