Uv Toolkit

by Alex Dev in Scripts and Addons

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  • Emma about 2 months ago

    Love it, I used the free version some time ago and it was very nice, then I bought the V2 and is awesome! Great work! :D

  • niittymaa 3 months ago

    Great tools for UV workflow! Much more than I needed, and some functions that I do not even know before that I could need.

  • EyeQueue 4 months ago

    Short version: Great tool. I'm a beginner, this tool is helping me be productive, effective, and it's also helping me learn about modern UV methods, because of the way it lays things out and lets you select and modify them.

    I'm pretty new to Blender, (and my 3D modeling & texturing experience before Blender is about 20 years out of date) and after watching some videos and trying to do my UVs manually, I went looking for add-ons. I saw this tool, and added it to a list to consider, then the demo for UV Zen suggested this tool was good to have as well, so I grabbed both.

    So far - and I still have a lot to learn about this plug-in, but so far, it seems like this and UV Zen have some functions in common, making for some small redundancies, but there's a lot they do that complement each other, too. Add t that, this lives in the UV screen/workspace, and Zen lives in the modeling screen/workspace, so they don't get in each other's way.

    I would say, watch some videos, read some Blender manual articles, and buy both this and UV Zen, and your UV life will be much happier and more productive.

  • Benedict Varga 5 months ago

    I found the free version on Gumroad so useful that I decided to get the paid version. So if you're on the fence about this, I suggest trying the free one first. I'm fairly certain it''ll sneak its way into your workflow, as it did me, to the point where getting the full makes total sense. :-)

  • Alvin Manning 8 months ago

    Blenders default UV tools are a bit sad and lacking. Thankfully this addon brings back some sorely missed tools from other major apps. I highly recommend this addon if you are going to spend any amount of time UVing in Blender! Thanks Alex!

    Feature request: stitch UV island to another via selected edges (it's called "move & sew" in Modo).

    • Alexander Belyakov 8 months ago

      Thank you so much Alvin!

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