Uss Iowa - Deep Space Exploration Vessel

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USS IOWA - Deep Space Exploration Vessel

Fleet ID: 00109-1

Deep space exploration vessel, the largest in the fleet at 400 Metres in length, this is a vessel designed for long periods, many years in fact, of going where no other has been before. 

Weighing in excess of 2000 Tonne this is no lightweight,......but is able to travel FTL (faster than light) thanks to its upgraded Warp Drive capable of up to  Warp `3` ( 27 times faster than light)

A crew of over 600 ensure the smooth running on the long, and no doubt, dangerous missions this vessel is tasked with.
Although not deemed a `Battleship`, should the need arise to defend itself then the eight Bow Tubes are able to launch the `Ajax` class Nuclear Torpedo........


ECM, Shield and Cloaking capabilities mean the Ship is able to defend itself in other ways,....... some would say `unsinkable`

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To Infinity........................and Beyond.

4K textured  

Single Object Model

Rotation set at 0, 0, 0

Scale set at 1, 1, 1

Scale set in Metres...…….

X: 400M Y:160M Z:126M   ( Obviously you can scale this model to suit your scene)

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(note if you wish to view this Model in 3D then you may have to use Google Chrome to view the Sketchfab link I have provided)

UPDATE : 25th July 2018

I have now included both 2K and 4K Texture maps

Base Color, Height, Metallic, Roughness & Normal Maps.

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