Unlimited Trees - Volume 1

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Unlimited means unlimited

With Volume 1 you get four presets for the sapling add-on, these are the construction plans for your trees. You change one value to randomize the tree and get a new, unique tree. Repeat as often as you like.

It's never been faster

A photo-realistic tree every 2 minutes. It takes longer to make coffee than to create a photo-realistic tree:
1) Add a new Tree
2) Choose the species
3) Create a random variation
4) Apply the materials

Volume 1 - The Universal Set

With Volume 1 of Unlimited Trees you can create the most common tree species - they will compliment every scene:

Realistic Materials

Every tree species comes with a leaf and a bark material. Each material randomly varies the look of your tree. Therefore not only the trees are different, the materials also are.
With one slider you can make the trees ready for your autumn scene.

It's never been easier

Still not sure how it works? Don't worry, I'll show you everything important here: Unlimited Trees Documentation

For what it is:

Architecture visualization
And every other scene that needs nature

Tutorials Included

Besides the documentation I give you more tips on how to create awesome trees. Learn how to further detail the trees, optimize them and reduce the memory usage.

Instant Download

You get four Presets and four render-ready trees of each species - that's a total of 16 trees.
Purchase now and stop worrying about the complexity and time that it takes to create realistic trees.
Credits: The HDRI used in Unlimited Trees has been created by Greg Zaal and you can get it here: HDRI Haven - Symmetrical Garden
Watch the following video to get a thorough explanation on how to use Unlimited Trees: Unlimited Trees - Walkthrough

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  • Db2d2f9ecffa19d7a678dd79e732b78a

    mozalbete about 1 year ago

    Great pack for easily generating trees, including materials. Since it is based on the sapling generation addon, teres are random and not limited to a handful of models. Volumes in the future should focus on more exotic trees

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