Ultra Material Saving System (Umss) Addon

by Andrew_D in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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  • andreas 22 days ago

    Why Ultra is a must have for every Pro user or ambitioned hobby user.

    Shaders and textures are very important in the 3D world. And you have never enough of them. I am little bit addicted for new shaders. And here comes Ultra into place.

    Of course i own the PBR Evo add on. Which is the best material management on the market for Blender. That's why i want every single new material in the PBR Evo categories.

    Today i purchased in addition "Materialiq". Which contains 209 materials in total. The materials are great, but to access them is not very comfortable. Of course you can save every material one by one in your asset manager. Which would take about 2 hours. If you are really fast :)


    The Batch scene with 209 materials were created in about 10 seconds. The Trophies were created in about 25 seconds.

    All 209 materials were rendered and saved in a total of 420 seconds.
    All ready to use in PBR Evo.. Did you get that? :)

    That's why you need Ultra. No compromises.
    And that's why i think, Ultra is one of the best add ons you should have in your blender swiss army knife. Alongside with PBR Evo and HDRI Maker. Because it es a fantastic trio for a quick workflow and stable as a rock!

    I will promote it as much as i can.
    Thank you again Andrew for creating and sharing these fantastic add ons.

    • Andrew D. 22 days ago

      Hey thank you very much, I see that you have fully grasped the strong point of UMSS :) I am happy to have your support, this further encourages us to work on it!
      Fantastic support, you are very kind and really helpful to continue our work
      I thank you for the many beautiful words and the time you spent on this review. It is not for everyone to do this :)

  • oscar 8 months ago

    Easy and quick method to have your PBR materials always at hand. Thanks for the addon and especially for the user manual.

    • Andrew D. 8 months ago

      Hey Oscar, a nice rating and a kind comment, Thanks for the support!

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