Turbo Trees

by Rami Bahsous in Modifier Setups

What is TurboTrees?

TurboTrees is a Geometry nodes modifier setup paired with a collection of pre-configured billboard trees. TurboTrees will scatter, cull, and align to camera all at once. Check out the Quick Start video here

Why TurboTrees?

While there already exists other solutions to filling your scene with trees, there has always been a barrier to entry, be it price, performance or complexity. That's where TurboTrees comes in. A low cost & easy to use modifier setup to fill your scenes with light-weight 2d trees. Included are pre-set nodes to scatter, cull and align the trees. There is also a toggle to have procedural swaying animation.

The current version includes over 11 different trees cards that are drop in ready. Everything is included to get your scene ready. No file bloat, no extra add-on UI and no confusing setup.

Fill your scenes in no time!

Because this is a modifier setup it ensures that there are no compatibility issues or fear of becoming outdated. Since it is built using geometry nodes you are able to peek inside, and dive in if you would like! Careful attention has been made to organize the node graph and ensures there is no confusion.

So what's included?

  • TurboTrees modifier setup (scatter, cull and align all in one)
  • Pre-configured Trees and shaders to mix and match
  • Example File with example terrain and preset scene
  • Full Documentation, step by step nothing is left vague.
  • Compositor tips for terrain shots.
  • TurboGrass bonus modifier for quick and dirty grass
  • separate version for 4.1 use

Published 16 days ago
Blender Version 4.1, 4.0, 3.6
License GPL
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