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True-AssetsTrue-Assetsv4.1ContactThe best tool to manage your asset browser just got betterGet 25% off until 21st of March.Price will go back to $55 on March 22nd*Use code TVFXCONTEST for 50% off all our tools. Only valid until the 21st of June 2023Due to continued issues with coupon codes not working for users, we have removed the code and applied the flat 50% rate to the price. The price of this tool will be increased to original on the 21st of June 2023True-Assets officially partners withto bring you 1900+ materials and HDRi'sKey FeaturesThe most intuitive features broken down1900+ Asset library at your fingertips...We've officially partnered with AmbientCG to bring everyone over 1900 materials and HDRi's right into the Asset browser. Unlimited downloads, no user account needed. Just browse the library inside blender and drag what you need into your scenes.USD, FBX and OBJ asset automation...True-Assets offers functions for automating the 'assetization' of .USD ,.OBJ and .FBX files in as little as 3 mouse clicks. Object/s imported, textures found and materials added all at once!Quick-Swap...Got something in your scene you wanna swap out? Too much hassle matching the scale, rotation and location? Quick-Swap it. One-click replace the active object with ANY object in your asset-library.Material library automation...Point True-Assets to a folder of texture sets, tell it which of our awesome built-in shaders to build materials on and let it rip. In as a little 60 seconds, you can have your texture libraries converting into materials for use in the asset browser.HDRi library automation...Tell True-Assets your HDRi library location, make yourself a sandwhich and you'll come back to a cleverly organised set of world shaders using the HDRI library you've managed to hoard over the years.Convert old or existing blend files into asset catlogs...The feature that started it all! True-Assets was specifically designed to take your old and dust-collecting blend files, and convert the objects, collections, materials and worlds all into assets in the asset-browser so you can always access them in one click and drag.Custom shaders...We'd be remiss to say that our shaders are the cream-of-the-crop. We've carefully crafted 6 principled-based custom shader groups, so you always have the right shader setup for your material and worlds libraries. Turn your texture based mats, into semi-procedural PBR goodness!Free to existing users...We love our community and we've made sure that existing users get all new content, including the AmbientCG integration for FREE. If you're on the Legacy version, this got the 4.0 update and will continue to get updates!Need a detailed breakdown?Continue on below to see all the features in action and more!Inside BlenderAll the materials and HDRi's are available right inside True-Assets (Ambient CG) LibrarySee the LibraryInstant AccessTrue-Assets hooks right into AmbientCG's library for instant access to all their materials and HDRi's. Just drag and drop! Learn morePerfectly OrganisedAll the AmbientCG assets are automatically tagged, ordered and catalogued so you can easily find what you need!Learn moreNo account neededWe don't have any account blocks in place. Once you buy it, it's yours to access anyhow, anywhere! You'll never need to sign-up to access the AmbientCG library via True-AssetsLearn moreFeature time...MaterialsTrue-Assets has multiple options for materials. It allows you to choose from 3 preset custom made material types: Uber, Plastic and Organic. Uber deals with everything else the other two don't (Woods, Metals, Rocks etc). All shaders come with custom controls for manipulating things like Roughness, Colour values, Metallic levels, Subsurface scattering, Translucency (Great for fabrics and Leaves/Grass). All shader controls can be found in the material tab in Blender.WorldsCreating worlds will allow you to choose what file-type you want True-Assets to create worlds from (EXR, HDR, JPG etc). At the point of creation, worlds will be generated with a thumbnail image of the sky so you always know what one you're dropping into a scene. World shaders also come with custom controls for things like; Colour manipulation, Light intensities, Cleaning up the horizon lines, Blurring the whole image, Vector controls and more! Once dropped in your scene, controls are found in the World tab in Blender.CatalogsAn asset manager wouldn't be very good if you couldn't Catalogue your assets! Well... We're the good kind.You can create Catalogs either right in the Asset manager under the True-Asset sections OR right from the import section. So you know that when you want to create materials from your Ambient CG collection, they will go right there without the need to rummage through thousands of Icons to find the ones you need. KitBash SupportYou asked, we provided. We know how awesome KB3D kits are, but we also know they can be a nightmare to get into the asset manager in one piece. True-Assets has a toggle on the import section to define if a blend file is a KitBash file or not, if so, we do all the hard-work identifying the collections in those files, joining all the meshes for their respective groups, setting the rotation and and dropping them into your library as a single mesh!QuickSwapFor when you need to change an object in the 3d viewport, but can't be bothered to manually line everything up! QuickSwap-it! FBX and OBJ SupportThat's right! There is no longer any need to go through the hassle of trying to import your FBX or OBJ files into each scene everytime you need them. Just point True-Assets at any folder with FBX or OBJ's in and it'll automate the import process, materials if supported, and then categorising them in the Asset Browser so you can always access them when you need them!Windows Context MenuYou don't even need to go into Blender to automate asset marking! If you're on windows, you can install the windows context menu tool from True-Assets preferences so even if you're just doing a spring clean of your drives and come across a gem of a Blend file, you just right-click it and create assets!Get 25% off until 21st of March.Price will go back to $55 on March 22nd*Use code TVFXCONTEST for 50% off all our tools. Only valid until the 21st of June 2023Due to continued issues with coupon codes not working for users, we have removed the code and applied the flat 50% rate to the price. The price of this tool will be increased to original on the 21st of June 2023The UISimple User PreferencesReally simple users preferencesChoose what keymap you want for the "Mark assets and quit" function, and what assets to mark.Choose the location of your True-Asset libraries. That's it!Importing thingsImporting your asset libraries is offensively easy!We have a history of creating addons with tonnes of options with 100s of variables, and thousands of outcomes. This time around, we decided to make it super simple.Importing from another .BlendThe obvious one! ‍Marking assets from another blend file without ever going into that blend file... Magic.Just choose the asset types that you want to bring in; Meshes/Materials/Node Groups/Worlds/Blah Blah. Choose the icon type you want, then hit that blue button at the bottom! Boom, now you've got stuff from old files always available!!!Turning HDRIs into Worlds?The UI here is super simple too. Select your directory, choose the file-types you want to create worlds from, choose if they go into a catalogue on import, choose if we're packing those images so you can have those files stored in the .blend we make, and finally choose if we're snooping in sub-directories for other file types or not.Get'cho texture library sortedAgain, super simple to import textures into True-Assets. Point it at a directory, choose your shader type and BLAMMO all your wonderful textures, paid, cc0 or *cough* unscrupulously acquired will just be brought in and made into shaders. PS. You can make them go into a catalogue from here too... Just trying to make your life easier.Doing things in the Asset BrowserOnce you imported yo' stuff, this is where you'll be spending most of your time.We got options for re-rending your icons with different camera angles. Options for deleting stuff you don't like. Options for making new catalogs, moving things to catalogs, and also jumping right into the source file and editing anything a little skew-iff.Organising all the 'things'Select some things, click a button, categorise them. Simples.Deleting some of the 'things'Don't like something, select it OR them, click a button; Bye ByeeeeeeeMarking assets and walking awayBeen working hard on a project? Got some Suzanne's that you just spent too much time on? Don't want to mark all the assets? CTRL+W to save, mark and close the project! *Discount has already been appliedWe've been informed the discount codes are not working at the checkout which is the reason for price adjustFAQsAll the most commonly asked questions, answered belowWhy does this cost if AmbientCG is free?True-Assets has always been a paid tool. The functions that it provides are worked on by people who work full-time, as with all our tools. We do not produce these tools in our spare time. With that we provide full support, tutorials, documents, chatrooms and regular consistent updates. The reason for the price increase is because although the library is free to use by anyone for any purpose, we know first hand how hard it is to manage content on that scale. And even though it would have been legal for us to just take the Ambient CG library and hook it into True-Assets, morally this didn't sit right with us. So we make sure that with every sale of True-Assets, a portion of that sale goes DIRECTLY to Lennart so that they can continue to create amazing content.Do you support USD with True-Assets?Yes, as of version 4.1, True-Assets does indeed support USD (Universal Scene Description). This update allows users to benefit from the versatility of USD, including its extensive composition capabilities, performance optimization for large scenes, interoperability with various 3D applications, extensibility for custom data types, and support for efficient, high-quality real-time rendering. Please ensure to consult the latest documentation or reach out to True-Assets support for further assistance and guidance on how to use USD within the software.Do I need to sign up to True-VFX or AmbientCG to use this?No! Unlike some other tools on the marketplace that use CC0 content and then get you to sign up to the tool-creators platform, we have no intention of doing that. If in the future we ever do come up with a platform for account sign-ups, this will only ever be so that we can provide updates and content directly to our tools through Blender. However, we will not block the AmbientCG library portion of True-Assets behind that account system. It's CC0 meaning it's free to use for whatever, by whomever and as a responsible creator, we will never block that behind any account verification.Does True-Assets come with custom shaders?Yes, True-Assets comes with pre-built shaders for materials and worlds, meaning all you need to do is point True-Assets at your texture or HDRi library, and we'll automate the creation of Materials and Worlds with whatever shader type you choose. Currently there are 4 material shaders and 2 world shaders to choose from. World and Material have 1 basic principled workflow, and then Uber shaders for the others.Can I download as much as I want?The AmbientCG integration has no limits on the downloads you can do. We (True-VFX) do not host that content, it is hosted by AmbientCG on their own server. We have however implemented a system to reduce the amount of calls made to AmbientCG, by automatically storing any assets you have previously downloaded, so that they don't need to be downloaded again. We want to make sure that as little strain is put on AmbientCG as possible, and make sure that users are getting fast and stable downloads from them whenever a call is made.Can I use True-Assets for commercial use?True-Assets can be used for any purpose! Please bear in mind that AmbientCG content is CC0, however other content that you may use True-Assets to add to your asset browser may not be, and you should always seek confirmation of the license from that original creators.What are the price differences for?True-Assets is a single user license, so if you work or have a group of people wanting to use this tool, then a license should be purchases per user. If you have a team or group of 5 or more, then we have tried to reduce the confusion by offering a flat rate of $249 which covers any teams of 5 or over users.ChangelogChangelog can be found HEREStill have questions?Join our Discord to learn more((SECRET STUFF))

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