Tilekit - Node Groups For Blender

by Just 3D Things in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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  • Sean Hepburn about 1 month ago

    It looks great, but the video is missing, so I'm struggling to work out how to use, please re-up the helpful video???

  • jonghyun 3 months ago

    I bought this but I can't used it yet. I followed your video, but the displacement doesn't work on my blender. I also turned on Experimental and Adaptive subdivision.
    The version of my Blender is 2.91. how can i do?

    • Sai Charan M D 3 months ago

      Hey Jonghyun, In the material properties > settings> surface > see if the displacement mode is set to bump only, if that's the case, change it to either Displacement only or displacement and bump. That should work. Setting up displacement is quite tricky in blender XD. Hope this helps, If this isn't working, reach out to me via discord, the links will be under the video.
      And also see if the demo files are working, if the demo files work, then i am sure this should work, else it must have been a bug,Thank you Have a good day :)

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