The Infinite Wall Builder Procedural Shader For Cycles

by Nick Sayce Designs in Materials, Shaders, Textures

The Infinite Wall Builder, in short, is the quickest, easiest, most customisable, low memory eating and detailed way to make walls, simply by adding the procedural material to a subdivided mesh. 

If you're creating 3D scenes, the likelihood is you've needed a wall or two at some point. I have found that finding the right RGB texture to be time consuming, trying to scale it without repetition difficult and they used too much memory so I was limited in the complexity of my scenes. Even if you haven't yet and you're just starting out, you'll probably need walls at some point!

The Infinite Wall Builder is a procedurally generated brick wall builder which uses a huge amount of controls and effects to pretty much create any wall you want and as many different walls as you need, safe in the knowledge that the IWB will fill your mesh seamlessly. You'll never need another brick RGB texture again. 

The IWB is a procedural shader which can create as many walls as you can shake a stick at. Because it's procedural, there's no repetition, you have complete control of the look of the wall and it uses up to 2/3 less memory than a 4K RGB texture.

Either mimic one of your own favorite RGB brick wall textures or start from scratch and create a completely unique and individual wall that you can guarantee only exists in your library!

The IWB is very simple to use, comes with a 6 part tutorial series and a detailed pdf manual with many visual examples of every control.

A lot of the fun about the IWB is experimenting and seeing what type of walls you can come up with. There's so much customization, you could spend hours on one wall to get the exact look and feel you want if the need took you!

  • Complete control of the colors - Either using Brick 1 or 2 color ramps, mixing in some erosion color that matches one of the cracks or mix in some dust and dirt streaks, the latter of which doubles as water leaks; you really have all the control you need.

  • Total control of the scale - Once you're happy with your shape, you can change scale as much as you please. Make the bricks huge or tiny for an enormous wall. One thing you can be sure of is that there'll be no repetition, no matter the scale.

  • Total control of the shape - With so many options for the brick and mortar shape itself, you can quickly get the exact look you need. There are two ways to roughen up the mortar and the brick to create a very natural and eroded feel, one of which has it's own mask to hide or reveal its effect. With all the color ramps, every effect can be edited individually to change the default values for something completely different and mixed as much as you please.

  • Displacement FX - You can set Random indents, random lumpiness and two types of crack, which are controlled by a mask so you can set where on the wall you'd like the cracks to appear or hide. Crack 0 is connected to the Crack Color Erosion controls so that when the crack reveals the mortar below, you can edit that color separately.

  • Bump FX - The two cracks are also represented as bump if you'd rather not use many subdivisions, they also have their own separate mask. Also, there's several types of bump including random holes and a rough bump you can set to appear on certain bricks depending on their distance from the base mesh.

  • Use your own textures - The Custom Output Control is there for you to drop in your own RGB textures. Perhaps you want a rock wall instead of the IWB mortar? Or perhaps you want to use your favorite pitted concrete texture for the bricks? The nodes are already set up for convenience and simple sliders will mix in your texture.

The IWB controls, all contained within Blender's shader editor, are very simple to use as you've likely used them all before. A mixture of node groups, sliders and colour ramps gives you all the controls you'll need to create your completely individual wall.

The tutorials are here; 

This image was created using three of the four Infinite Builders;
The IWB for the walls, The IRB the floor and The IMB for everything else with No RGB textures.

The Infinite Brick Wall Builder v2.0

Hi all!

I've put The Infinite Wall Builder v2.0 in the downloads section for you to grab, along with the updated manual. It's the latest version of the IWB and it's been through quite a few changes. All of the functionality is the same, just the way you access it has changed quite a bit, with good reason. If you've purchased the IWB before I've updated the tutorial videos, all the functionality is the same so the tutorials still apply, just where those controls are will be different. The IWB v.1.0 is also in the downloads section if you'd rather grab that one until I update the tutorials early next week.

Here are all the improvements;

  • The UI has been dramatically improved. The control area is much easier to navigate as more controls are visible in one screen.
  • Everything has been put into their own custom node groups which means that all of their filter controls are contained on their own respective node enabling you to tab between them, as opposed to needing to click on every value input in order to change them. This should speed the workflow up nicely and means far less clicks and movement required.
  • Owing to the new layout and the introduction of Node Groups, there's no longer a need for so many wires and connectors which has made the control area much cleaner.
  • I've moved the default position of the controls as when I was adding a material to something else, I had to first find where in the Shader Editor the nodes for that material were. Now they should be centred so switching between the IWB and other materials doesn't become a hunt for the missing node.

As mentioned, everything else is the same, as are all the names, and the tutorials still apply, it's just that now the UI is very different. I will be re-recording all of the tutorials next week.

Feel free to let me know how it goes for you, it's made a huge improvement for me!

Kindest regards,