The Grass Essentials

by Blender Guru in Models

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  • Stephen Bravo 7 months ago

    Great product, easy to use and gives amazing results. It has greatly improved my work. Can't wait to see the 2.8 update.

  • Matty Mosc 7 months ago

    I achieved amazing results with it.

  • meizner 9 months ago

    Blender 2.8 anytime soon?

  • jozef 9 months ago

    Please update Blender 2.8 :)

  • Peter Beaumont 11 months ago

    Will there be a update for 2.80 soon? (eevee!)

  • newart about 1 year ago

    Works great....helps me take my renders to the next level

  • firman ryan lim about 1 year ago

    best grass material realistic addon.

  • J.W. Sargent almost 2 years ago

    This is a great product, and super easy to use. It also is fairly easy to add your own grass models to the existing particle systems and modify and tweak everything. Works fine even in newer Blender builds.

  • cookiestudent about 2 years ago

    nice product, but i hop you update it to Principled BSDF

  • Bodo Sallmann about 2 years ago

    just a "must have" !!!

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