The Blender'S Guide For 3d Animators

by (particular) in Training

 The Guide consists on 15 videos (1.20hours total) where you'll learn everything you need to know on how to use Blender to animate

  1. Welcome to Blender
  2. How to set up Blender for animation and how to create hot keys 
  3. How to use viewports
  4. How to use and interpret the curves of the graphic editor (2 videos)
  5. The timeline
  6. The outliner, 
  7. The properties editor,
  8. The differences between FK vs IK, 
  9. How to import your references, 
  10. How to create lights in your scene
  11.  How to set up animation constrains
  12. How to Install and configure the X-pose Picker (2 videos)
  13.  How to prepare your scene to start animating