The Billiard Collection

by Josip Kladaric in Models

The Billiard Collection

Inspired by a recent visit to a small local pool hall I wanted to create a pool ball. The ball looked pretty good so I made a pool stick. Well once I had that, there was no reason not to make a pool table. 

Since there was nothing related to billiards on the market I made The Billiard Collection.


The billiard collection includes everything you need to design your own billiard room. Bring any interior design to life by breaking the boring look of static furniture with a classy table designed for fun. Special care was taken in the creation of materials to make sure they are optimized for rendering as fast as possible.

The package includes:

  • Pool Table
  • 15 Billiard Balls and 1 Cue Ball
  • 2 Pool Sticks
  • 8 Ball Rack
  • Photorealistic Cycles material for each model including textures

In the package you get one collection file.

Each asset can be used on its own and does not have any dependencies on other assets.

Textures are in high resolution so there is no artifacts in close up shots.

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  • Dotecin 18 days ago

    an excellent starting point to create a pool game

  • Mark Carter 11 months ago

    Brilliant! Just what I needed, cheers.

    • Josip Kladaric 11 months ago

      Thank you very much. Blender 2.8 and Eevee update is coming soon.

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