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Never Design from Zero Again. Thangs Blender Addon is a rapidly expanding repository of over 14 million free 3D models. It features a variety of Decorative, Utility, and Printable assets for 3D Modeling, 3D Printing, Augmented/Virtual Reality, or any other scene that could be accelerated creatively with premade models.


Thangs' objective is to empower creators with tools that inspire creativity.

Good design takes a LONG time. Our hypothesis is that bootstrapping the initial mesh design will save Blender designers considerable cycles.

Thangs library is always expanding, and with more models being posted to Thangs daily, we've been able to become the largest 3D community with over 14M free models.

Upload your models to Thangs as well.  This Blender addon lets you upload your model to Thangs (privately or publicly) without ever leaving Blender.  Take advantage of Thangs's 3D version control system to track your model's changes over time.

Please contact us here if you would like a specific feature.

Current Features

Upload to Thangs

Direct Import

Never Design from Zero Again!

Search over 14M free models!

View Creator Profile and Model Parts!

View the Model's License!

Import the Model!

Potential Future Plans

- Geometric Search

- Detailed Model Preview

- Textured models (with mats)

- Rigged and animated models

- Shaders

- Geonodes

- Postpro nodes

- Action strips

- Physics setups

- Ability to suggest mesh auto-complete using Thangs 3D search capabilities


    2023/12/05: Thangs Blender Addon 0.3.6 Fixes various bugs.
    2023/11/09: Thangs Blender Addon 0.3.5 Fixes various bugs.
    2023/10/31: Thangs Blender Addon 0.3.4 - Fixes various bugs with search.
    2023/09/22: Thangs Blender Addon 0.3.3 - Fixes various bugs with search and import.
    2023/07/20: Thangs Blender Addon 0.3.2 - Fixes a bug to now block blend backup files for upload.
    2023/05/10: Thangs Blender Addon 0.3.1 - Increased speed for uploading your model to
    2023/04/13: Thangs Blender Addon 0.3.0 - Adds support for uploading your model to
    2023/03/17: Thangs Blender Addon 0.2.9 - Fixes a bug related to abandoned Thangs login sessions
    2022/11/16: Thangs Blender Addon 0.2.4 - Fixes a bug related to abandoned Thangs login sessions
    2022/11/15: Thangs Blender Addon 0.2.3 - Fixed search breaking bugs
    2022/11/06: Thangs Blender Addon 0.2.2 - first release with 14.2M models available for free

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    Blender Version 2.93, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4
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