Terraform: Procedural Terrain

by ScottClayton3d in Addons


Before purchasing TerraForm it is important to understand a few things:

  • This is a public beta release so expect some bugs and crashes.
  • It is heavily recommended to install 3 Python libraries before using TerraForm. They are not required but can significantly improve user experience. TerraForm offers an option to download and install them for you from the user preferences.
  • TerraForm makes use of complex math, especially in the physics simulations. Processing time grows exponentially with terrain resolution. Using an Intel Core i5-2500 processor, near real-time frame rates can be achieved for most deformation functions when using a 256x256 terrain grid (you can always cook out higher resolution maps once satisfied with the modifier stack).
  • Bug reports are generated automatically and saved to the desktop. It's up to you to send them to the developer.

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Sales 30+
Published 28 days ago
Blender Version 4.1, 4.0
License GPL
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