Syringe 5ml

by Rustam in Models

Realistic model of disposable Syringe - 5ml

  • Scene ready to render in Blender3D (cycles)
  • FBX, DAE and OBJ formats also available.
  • Clean geometry, quads only, Barrel and Plunger UV unwrapped
  • Real World Scale
  • Units: metric
  • Dimensions: ~13.1 x 2.8 x 1.7cm
  • Materials (cycles) and label texture included.
  • Configurable Materials
  • Polygonal count at 2nd subdivision level:
  • 53440 faces
  • Default Scene has 53504 faces
  • Polygonal count without subdivision:
  • 3342 faces 6676 Verts
  • Enjoy! Thank You!

Only barrel and plunger are UV unwrapped, texture used as a labels decals.

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