Stylized Treasure Island

by Imagine CG Images in Models

Stylized Treasure Island Lighting Model

Sometimes you just want to practice lighting a fully ready scene or create something without having to model and texture everything yourself first...well here it is.

A stylized 3d model scene, featuring a Treasure Chest, partially hidden by palm trees and ferns, out in the middle of the ocean.

This scene was created thanks to the amazing Kent Trammel's tutorials. :)

The scene ready either for lighting or to pull apart and use the elements for their individual assets.

Assets include:

  • Treasure chest - easily animatable lid
  • Pirate Coins
  • Ferns
  • Two different palm trees
  • Rocks
  • Weeds
  • Sandy floor with tiny hidden cave at the back
  • 'Cube' of water
  • 2k textures

Available in .fbx, .dae, .obj and .blend file formats.