Stencil Kit: Dynamic weathering node kit

by ericedelo in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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What is Stencil?

Stencil is a professional toolkit for creating unrivaled dynamic weathering effects and bringing modern masking tools to Blender. It turns Blender into a complete toolkit for dynamic and smart masks, bringing a fast workflow with non-destructive, mesh conforming and smart materials masks to Blender.

The toolkit consists of node-groups, masking presets, smart material presets, a seamless weathering texture pack and an extensive documentation and sample materials. With Stencil you can create weathered materials that conforms to you models, meaning it will detect and wear out edges and fill the crevices with dirt and much more dynamically on a per-model basis.

It is texture masking for Blender as it should be, simple, non-destructive and instant. Create immersive and detailed materials harnessing the unparalleled node-kit of Stencil. Tap into the power of Stencil today to ensure your next project makes jaws drop, steal the show and become a benchmark for quality.

Keep in mind Stencil is in an early stage, thus the price will be increased for the final product, and those who have already bought Stencil in the early stage will get all upgrades and versions, free of charge. Also, features are subject to change and more features will be added. I’d love to get your feedback, so please report any issues, suggestions and features request so that they can be fixed and implemented





Why did I create it?

I have a background in texturing and game asset creation and have worked on creating and texturing a lot of models throughout my career. But I have always found texturing to be a pretty tedious process and highly time-consuming process; UV unwrapping the model, exporting the UV:s and baked maps to an external painting software and manually painting in scratches, wear, tear and dirt.

I looked far and wide for a viable solution for creating dynamic and reliable weathering effects directly inside of Blender. None of the options I found met my desired level of quality and this determination for a customizable solution, is what drove me to develop the Stencil kit, Inspired by tools like the Quixel suite. To automate weathering and bring advanced masking techniques into Blender, reducing the time you have to spend on manually painting your model and allowing for fast iterations without UV-maps.

Stencil is in my opinion one of the best masking solutions for Blender, utilizing the available mesh data and conforming unique weathering effects to each model, adapting it to the model and taking curvature, surface direction, position and surface exposure into account, yet require no UV unwrapping or baking, while allowing interactive mask editing with instant previewing.

It uses Dynamic masks (masks that will adapt and conform to your models) and Smart materials (materials utilizing one or more Dynamic masks and thus conform to your model) to create unrivaled weathering effects which are reusable for any model you apply it to.

Stencil has one simple goal: To be the most powerful and fastest, artist friendly and royalty free masking tool for Blender. To give artists fine control over weathering effects and harnesses the iterative speed to create production-quality materials in no time


What does it do?

Stencil comes in several different parts. It comes with a modular set of nodes that makes the creation of masks easier, allowing you to layer and merge together different effects to create advanced dynamic masks. It comes with a couple of pre-made masking presets that you can customize and it also comes with a set of pre-made smart materials that you can use directly on your models.

You choose how complex you want your masks to be. No matter if you are just looking for simple paint chipping, tarnish or scratched edges or want sand to fill up your crevices only at the bottom of your model, Stencil got you covered.

Create stunning materials quickly and iterate fast. With Cycles instant viewport previewing, UV independence and the Stencil’s non-destructive nature, you can start using Stencil instantly in your new projects, quickly iterating and trying multiple designs and variations throughout your project. Don't settle with defaults and initial results with Stencils instant customizability.

Texturing is a tedious and time consuming process, let Stencil weather your models for you, using dynamic weathering effects, while still maintaining control. Have your materials age and decay in front of your eyes and expose them to harsh conditions and wear it down to the bare metal. Everything is dynamic and instant, no baking required.

Since it is based on Cycles node system, there is no learning overhead in using Stencil. It is providing all the tools, right inside of Blender, using the native interface. If you know Cycles you already know Stencil. But if you still feel like you need a helping hand in getting started, Stencil comes with extensive whopping x-page documentation and sample materials.


Features include

Whether you're working with games, asset creation, architecture, animation, hobby projects or any field where you need high-quality weathered materials, Stencil got you covered for any type of project and will be an invaluable asset, saving you time and allowing you to focus on the fun parts of the process. Or you can just play around and have fun with it - I think you will like what you see.

Some of the features of Stencil include but is not limited to:

  • An enormous time saver: No more need to UV-unwrap your models, bake and export maps and manually paint your wear. Stencil automates everything and simplifies your workflow.
  • UV independent: Don't waste your precious time UV-unwrapping your models every time you want to iterate. Stencil works completely without UV and extra maps.
  • Works completely without Vertex colors: No need to bake dirty vertex colors like most other weathering shaders require!
  • Blender integrated & node based: Do all of your texturing and masking work, right inside of Blender!
  • Parametric by design: Highly customizable and tweakable through user friendly parameters.
  • Fully dynamic and model adapting: The shader is using mesh data to conform the weathering to the model. Ditch the paintbrush and let the shader wear out the edges and mud the crevices for you.
  • Instant 1:1 updates: See your changes live with Cycles rendered preview, allowing for super-fast iterations. No baking or loading between changes required!
  • Non-linear and non-destructive: Make changes at any time in your process with instant updates.
  • Streamlined and fast workflow: Make texturing fun again, and focus on what matters.
  • Plug & play: Import it and watch it do the magic for you.
  • GPU compatible: Runs on both CPU and GPU.
  • Comprehensive documentation: Everything is documented and it come material samples.
  • Production ready: Create stunning visuals for games, animation and still renders, Stencil is suitable for any art style or genre.
  • Compatible with any existing materials: Combine your existing materials using the dynamic masks to create smarter materials.
  • Manual control: Use the default parametric controls or optionally paint in extra control using vertex colors or maps.
  • Better algorithms for stepping and falloffs: Smooth-stepped edge falloffs ensures you will not get razor sharp cutoff edges, instead worn edges flows along the texture.
  • Batteries included: In addition to the node-groups, Stencil also ships with 100+ detailing textures, demo models to try the shaders on and an extensive documentation.
  • Buy it once, free lifetime upgrades: The price will increase as more content is added, but if you buy it once, you get all updates for free.

The customer is what makes or breaks Stencil, you are in focus and the kit is shaped to benefit you. Thus it comes with risk reversal, a customer voicing model for updates, extra bonus content and royalty free licensing. You pay nothing for future updates and no royalties on what you create with the kit. Buy it once, use it forever.
Also, if there is something you would like to see added to the kit, be it a feature, preset, weathering effect, just let me know and if I like what I hear, I will make sure to add it and include it in updates. I will provide updates with more textures and mask/material presets, so please let me know what you want to see in future updates.


What's in the package?

Inside of the Stencil bundle you will find:

  • Core node-kit for layering together masks
  • Dynamic mask presets, which includes:
    • Edge wear
    • Cavity dirt
    • Top dust
    • Bottom dirt etc.
  • Sample materials:
    • Chipped paint
    • Aged metal
    • Worn copper etc.
  • 100+ Texture pack for weathering details
  • Extensive documentation, outlining the function and usage of each node

As a launch-bonus, I also include:

  • High-poly revolver model for trying out your weathering effects on


Use cases

Stencil is a very flexible toolkit. On top of the presets, you can use to modular kit to combine your own masks using the modular components, only limited by your own imagination.

Works for any kind of materials:

  • Scratched metals
  • Old painted metals
  • Worn out leather
  • Damaged plastics
  • Corroded/rusty metals
  • Worn wood
  • And more.

Creating weathering effects such as:

  • Surface dust
  • Edge wear
  • Paint chipping
  • Edge scratches
  • Crevice dirt
  • Corrosion/rust/oxidation
  • Discoloration/UV degradation
  • Tarnish
  • Top snow
  • Sand filled crevices
  • Fouling
  • Edge staining
  • Oil/grease
  • Acidic damage
  • Cavity soot
  • and much more!

TL:DR Summary

Stencil is an advanced texturing and masking toolkit directly inside of Blender, with dynamic and model conforming masks that adapts to your meshes, with instant updates and with UV and vertex color required.

Risk Reversal

Customer satisfaction is always at heart when it comes to a successful product. If you are not happy with Stencil, you can get a full refund.


Please refer to the bundled .pdf documentation available in the .zip file.

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  • corradoconti07 7 months ago

    Very powerful and user-friendly tool! Must buy to save time and to support the developer

  • pzzs7f about 1 year ago

    Great Product! I love it...makes grunging up a model easy. But, I'm having trouble getting edge grit on only edges. I have modeled an airplane fuselage and used modifiers to simulate panel lines and trying to get paint chipping just around those panel lines. Using Solidify, Edge Split, MultiRes, Bevel and SubSurf to get the panel lines. Any ideas? Happy to send .blend file if needed.

    Also, when is the next release scheduled and what will it include?

  • pany112 over 1 year ago

    Wow!!, for me it is a substance painter sustitute

  • juha heikkinen over 1 year ago

    This is very easy to use and get great effects. This is "must have" product :)

  • etienne_net over 1 year ago

    Awesome quality, very easy to use and great support from the publisher

    • Eric Edelo over 1 year ago

      I've already sent you a response. Please have a look at your inbox :)

  • bert vdb over 1 year ago

    Awesome! Bring blender a big step closer to texturing models like in substance painter!

  • MagicalPaladin over 1 year ago

    Awesome, quality is here, user friendly, easy and fast to texture anything

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