Steel Generic Pristine

by Lex4art in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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  • andreas 11 months ago

    Wow this shader is awesome !
    I can't believe that i am the first one in 3 years.
    This is the most versatile metal shader i have seen so far.
    There are settings to tweak the shader exactly to your needs. And it couldn't be easier.
    It is really a breeze to work with, because there is nothing complicated in the self explanating settings. AND the shader works perfectly in Blender 2.82 !!!
    Perhaps one of the most underrated products at Blendermarket.

    • Lex4art 11 months ago

      Thanks for reply and good rating ).
      Those materials are not popular for a reason - people don't know how to create UV's in general so UV-based materials can't reach wide audience plus my materials are heavy (slow to adjust on typical user hardware). Someday I will add tri-planar auto-UVs as default mode + improve speed for EVEE (and a little bit for Cycles - Principled nodes are great!). Someday.... XD

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