Grid Layout - Layout Your Uv Layout! (Udims Supported)

by hodgson3d in Addons

This addon is designed to preserve repeating objects UVs and arrange them into a clean layout. The addon will create vertical columns of stacking, and once that reaches capacity, it will shift over horizontally and start packing another column if required. If the number of objects exceed 1 UDIM tile, the addon will continue stacking in the next UDIM.


-UnStack Objects UVs to automatically layout and preserve repeating objects UVs with one click.

-Stack Objects UVs to make global changes to your UVs before unstacking again.

-Copy and paste texel density between objects.

You can unstack small or large UVs as long as the objects UVs fits within 1 UDIM. If the objects can only stack one iteration in a single UDIM, each objects UVs will be placed on their own UDIM tile.

In big VFX studios, most pipelines do not support overlapping UVs. Not only that, but artists often have to deal with HUNDREDS of UDIMS on a single asset. This means organisation is extremely important. Since this addon ensures that objects spanning multiple UDIMs are identical, it allows texture artists to copy and paste textures between UDIM tiles, saving countless hours in the texturing process (and obviously the UV layout process). 

With one click you can layout all of your repeating UVs in a very clean organised way.


The ideal way to use this addon is to pre UV unwrap the object that you are duplicating/instancing around your scene. When you want to layout your UVs, set your texel density and run the unstack tool. If you need to make any alterations to your UVs after unstacking, use the stack tool to bring the UVs back on top of each other before  unstacking again.

Both the "Stack" and UnStack" operations work based on bounding boxes so make sure you have the same texel density across all your objects to get expected results.

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