St3 Blender Addon Course

by ST3 in Training

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  • Robert Wesseling 12 days ago

    I code for a while now, but never got really the hang of how most things are related. (Like Blender API, modals vs operators, registrations, etc). I am half way the course, and learned in 3 days a lot of what I missed. It's more a course of helping you understand everything, rather than copy codes. If you just start, it can be a bit though I think, but if you have some experience already, you will have a very good speed up with this course. I enjoy the presentation of the video's as well: simple setup but very enjoyable. Everything (or more) is covered what you need to understand to make addons in Blender. I've watched more courses (free ones), but this is the best for me at this moment.

  • Arjen 16 days ago

    Just getting started but already having fun and learning stuff. Good explanations and examples.

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