"Spring" Furniture Set

by La Troisième Dimension in Models

A unique design for your interiors scenes!

5 exclusive modern design models ready to import in your architecture interiors scenes.  All textures and realistic material included. Just append them in your scene and render!

5 Objects:

  • Chair: 8204 vertices
  • Table: 2464 vertices
  • Mirror: 2124 vertices
  • Rug: with Subdivision modifier, Displacement Map modifier and Particule System


  • Table and Chairs group: 1 table and 6 chairs
  • Buffet group: 1 cabinet main structure and four doors parented so that you can open and close them easily
  • Rug group: contains Rug base and texture field Force so that you can change the fur look


  • Exclusive home made design
  • Highly accurate models ready for architecture
  • All models are prepared so that you can apply a subdivision modifer
  • Realistic materials ready for Cycles render
  • UV unwrapped
  • All textures included
  • Origins on base of each models
  • Real Unit: 1 BU = 1 m
  • Easily customizable materials
  • Easily reusable  NodeGroups