Spider Web generator

by Hypnosis in Models

Requires installation and basic knowledge of Animation Nodes addon v2.0
(Basics are easy, you should try it even if you're not into spider webs)
Modelling convincing Spider Web is a tedious and time consuming process,
especially if lots of different variations are needed. Textures are great, but sometimes they just doesn't cut it. This Animation Nodes setup will ease your pain and save you time, which can be better spent in creative exploration. 

We looked at hundreds of spider web pictures to understand the principles of their construction. This generator tries to imitate those principles as close to nature as possible, while giving you all the controls necessary to get exactly the result you want, be it realistic or stylized.

Snapping to mesh objects allows fast and easy distribution of spider webs in your scene.

Automatic merging of vertices for mesh output makes cloth simulation very easy to set up.
What can be more beautiful than a spider web blowing in the wind, right? ;)

Jacques Lucke (developer of Animation Nodes)

It is extremely impressive and advanced! It's really fun to play with it also!

Jimmy Gunawan (Blender Sushi Guy)

AN Spider Web Generator by Karlis is one example of great tools made using Animation Nodes. The sophisticated design and controls given enable Blender artists to quickly generate realistic spider webs in different variations. The tool has great documentation and very tidy design. I cannot wait to see more tools like this! 

User Manual with explanations of all the parameters and basic setup is included with the purchase.

Spider Web generator is tested on
Windows and Mac versions of Blender 2.78, Blender 2.79
using Animation Nodes v2.0

A comment just to be completely transparent:
There is 1 known error which sometimes happens when appending *WEB_INPUT subprogram in a new blend file, but all you have to do is press the "Retry" button of Animation Nodes one time and everything will work perfectly afterwards. It's not a fault of our setup, it's something to do with AN and Blender itself. At least that is what I understood from Jacques.



Although we think it's better to place spider webs in scene one by one, to better control the visual result, sometimes a big mess of spider webs is exactly what's needed. In future we will add another subprogram node to this system which will automatically populate spider webs in designated location. We have tried that already and it looks promising, but still needs polishing. The one drawback of that will be the loss of performance and interactivity, which kind of is the best part of AN, but it will still be a great generator of spider webs.

This user manual is included with your purchase in PDF format.

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  • Wayne Hawkins 2 months ago

    Very cool. Do you plan to get this working on Blender 2.80? If it works now, we would need instructions on how. Animation Nodes is now running on 2.80

    • Karlis Stigis 2 months ago

      Hello, Wayne! Blender 2.8 is currently only in beta stage and although there is a version on Animation Nodes which works in it, neither of them can be considered stable. When official release of Blender 2.8 and Animation Nodes will happen, we probably will make an update. No promises yet, because everything will have to be redone from scratch and it will take some time.

  • clement Vaucelle about 1 year ago

    great product ! I was needing a spiderweb generator in a hurry for a job project . Works really nice and is really great explained ( some pdf tutorial + example file ) . the Author has been helpfull too. Fast contact and reply. I just met some troubles , when I needed to export the Blender curves in Cinema4D ( my main software for the project) .. Blender can't really export the curves so it's a little tricky to find a solution but I found . I recommend this.

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