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Substance Painter importing made easy

Hi guys, I have been developing this shader for a while now and it's finally ready for release. It utilizes everything I learned from my PBR Pack which I've provided free on my website and takes it a step further to make an all in one solution for importing textures from Substance Painter. While this node group could definitely be used for any metallic/roughness workflow I have and will continue to keep it's focus and compatibility firmly geared towards Substance Painter.


I've kept it as simple as possible, you can use the default metallic/roughness workflow in substance painter and use the textures it generates directly without any alterations. Simply load in the base color, metallic, roughness, MixedAO and normal_opengl maps, connect them to the shader, set all but the base color to use 'non-color data' then use the various options to tweak as required. It's that easy.
I would like to thank cynicat pro for doing a lot of the hard work relating to fresnel and rim lighting and for sharing it with the community, if you haven't already definitely check out the guys tutorials.

Also credit to Papa_Dragon for his Steampunk Spider which I used for testing, available on BlendSwap and thanks to Astro1derboy for the engine comparison image.


Please see the linked youTube video for a full breakdown of usage and features.

Substance Painter Maps Supported (Metallic/Roughness Workflow)

SP2BLEND has been setup to accept the five main maps from Substance Painter. When setting up your initial project in Substance Painter select the Metallic/Roughness workflow with OpenGL as the normal configuration. When importing these maps make sure to set all but the base_color map to non-color-data.

  • Base Color
  • Roughness
  • Metallic
  • Mixed AO
  • Normal_OpenGL

Adjustment options:

There are a number of sliders to adjust the influence that the different maps have on the finished materials. By default they are all set to replicate what you see in Substance Painter but allow for further control beyond that if required.

  • Roughness Influence
  • Metallic Influence
  • Mixed AO Influence
  • Brightness, Contrast, Hue and Saturation adjustment to base color texture

Additional Controls:

There are also a couple of controls that are not part of the import process. These are again designed to give you as an artist more control over the final look of the material. Rim lighting is only applied to the metallic parts of the material and the front-facing reflection control only applies to the dielectric parts.

  • Front-facing reflection control
  • Rim Lighting Amount
  • Rim Lighting Color

Preview Map Outputs

As an aid to making adjustments there are also several outputs, the primary 'shader' output is the main one to use but if you connect the other outputs to a emission shader (or simply ctrl+left click with node wrangler) you can preview the following influences during render or render preview.

  • Roughness
  • Metallic
  • AO
  • Dielectric Gloss
  • Metallic Rim


Update 1.1: A complete overhaul of the metallic part of the shader for much more realistic metal results. Some minor changes to presets also.

Known Issues

I will list any known issues in this section based on feedback, they will then be fixed in future revisions.

  • Noticing issues relating to normals on packed textures, may be a Blender issue. Looking into it. For now I'd recommend unpacked textures if you're noticing any problems.



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  • sammetal92 5 months ago

    This is great! First time I used it, I compared to the regular way of importing all of the textures and maps into cycles' nodes and plug them into Principled BSDF, and another material with SP2Blend. Immediately saw the difference, but it was a bit subtle, but then I opened up the node (gotta admit it was very daunting the first time) and got a better idea of how the nodes and inputs were working together, then I changed parameters here and there, adjusted some maps, and immediately started getting MUCH better results with a lot more flexibility due to the parameters in SP2Blend. Very much worth it, the price is just right!

  • rozz almost 2 years ago

    What a wonderfull node group, this makes texturing fun... ;)

  • Forunderlig Arkitektur AS almost 2 years ago

    Works well, could have a little more by the way of documentation, but works very well nonetheless.

  • tcwik almost 2 years ago

    no, comment section ;d

  • spareliver about 2 years ago

    Works as intended. Makes working with Substance Painter/Designer a breeze. Thank you for creating this and uploading it.

  • filecc about 2 years ago

    Love it, but...
    What do you mean with "Mixed AO Map"? :(

  • garfield5mm about 2 years ago

    would you add opcity options, plz.~~~~

  • Orange Hovercraft about 2 years ago

    Thank you very much ! love it

  • tommassey250 about 2 years ago

    Unable to even install this addon, no install information provided, just a .blend file. Tried getting help from the creator and the blender marketplace support to no avail. There are no py files to add this addon to blender.

    • BlenderBrit about 2 years ago

      This product is a shader, not an 'addon' in the strict sense of the term. Full instructions are included in the videos on this very site.

  • AlanShukan over 2 years ago

    awesome product, you will not regreat!

  • Vavrinec Foltan over 2 years ago

    easy to use. i love it!

  • earl-redneck over 2 years ago

    I love it

  • psiche3d over 2 years ago

    great product!

  • Christopher Kemp over 2 years ago

    Love this product! Thanks so much.

    I'm just now moving into PBR workflows and have recently begun learning Substance Painter/Design. This definitely speeds up the workflow SO much that I've moved from Cinema 4D to Blender mostly.

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