Sofa - 3-Seat Fredericia

by Benianus 3d in Models

No. 1 Sofa - 3-seat

By Børge Mogensen , 1955

Mogensen designed the 3-seater sofa of the No.1 series in 1955. He united a sharply defined shape with a softer, more intimate character that works well as the focal point of the room.

No. 1 Sofa - 3-seat - Model 2003

D: 86 cm H: 83 cm L: 206 cm Wt: 54 kg Cbm: 1.2 cbm Sh: 42 cm


Model made with blender 2.8x and above

- Inspired by Fredericia manufacturer

- high-quality model and textures

- Megascans textures.

- Uv unwrapped non-overlapping

Files: .blend

- Studio Lighting setup included in a separate file .blend for free

other formats with the request, contact me.