Soborg Chair Metal Base Archmair - 3d Model

by Benianus 3d in Models

Chair modeled with blender 2.82a

In 1950, Børge Mogensen introduced the prototype of the Søborg Chair. His fusion of functionalism, expertise in cabinetmaking and use of new production techniques led to a supremely simple chair that could be manufactured industrially.

Merging his signature love of solid wood with his new-found passion for plywood shells, Mogensen crafted the Søborg Chair with soft rounded corners and gentle lines in a timeless design that appears light yet solid, with an ample-sized seat and back to ensure endless hours of comfort. It is a handcrafted approach to an industrial dilemma that highlights the textural properties of solid wood, plywood and later steel, in a subsequent version for the frame.

The Søborg Chair remains a favourite for its simple, unimposing presence. A chair that’s equally at home in any modern environment – in restaurants, working spaces, public areas or any socially engaging space.